August/September Newsletter 2020

Dear Members, Leaders, Parents and 4-H Supporters,

The 2020 Sweet Grass County Fair is in the books.  Thank you all for such a wonderful and safe week.  It is because of all of you that Sweet Grass County has the best Fair in Montana, and this year was no exception.  I do hope that you all had a good learning experience and had fun.  Record books are the next big item that must be completed before thinking about what your projects will be for the next year.

I realize that on any given year, I may think everything went perfectly, but some may have seen things that need to be improved upon for the next year, and with the changes we made this year there may be some things we want to keep for the following years.  It is important to discuss these issues and the Council Meeting is the venue for this discussion.  The After Fair Council Meeting is scheduled for September 9th at 7:00 pm. Some issues that have been brought up are what to do with under weight animals (sell or not sell) and there are some discussions occurring about having the Big Timber Night Rodeo on the Wednesday of Fair. Please have representatives at the Council Meeting to discuss and vote for your membership. I also know there was some discussion concerning the scale during the Fair, and it is a certified scale that was certified by the State of Montana about three weeks prior to the Fair. This scale is certified every year prior to the Fair.

I think it is important to say “Thank you” to Kandi for all that she does to make our Fair such a success.  She does all the behind the scenes work that makes the Fair run so smoothly.  Further, please be sure to remember to write “Thank you’s” to all your award sponsors, buyers, B&J Sawmill, Debbie Hanson and Jimbo Logan.  The newspaper “Thank you’s” are great, but a good handwritten note is also greatly appreciated.  Without these sponsors and buyers our Fair would not be as successful.  I would also encourage you all to send a note to Yellowstone Feeds for donating the pig feed to be fed after the Fair and to Citizens Bank for clerking the sale and their sponsorship of the cash awards.

I would also like to personally thank all of those who helped to set up and clean up the Fair.  I know that I will miss some names if I try to list all who helped to clean up on Saturday if I try to list you all, so “THANK YOU” to all that helped, this was the quickest and the best ever and it was all due to your unselfish effort.  I truly appreciate what you did!

Full carcass reports are available in the office and on the Extension web page.  Thank you to Dr. Jane Ann Boles and Gary Todd for doing all the grading.

The checks are ready to be picked up.  If you have a feed bill at the elevator, I would strongly encourage you to get that paid in full.  Further, I hope that we continue to get some timely moisture for our crops and range ground and these markets straighten out so that all our producers get a chance to make some money.

Champion of Champions was held August 1st at 2:00 pm in Big Timber.  Sweet Grass County was well represented.  Nathan Ruth placed fourth and Emily Prather placed sixth in pigs, and Rance Swartz placed fourth and RaeAnna King placed fifth in steers. RaeAnna King placed second and Mollie Ruth placed seventh in lambs. Abby Laverell finished seventh and Haley Anderson placed eighth in goats. However, in the carcass show, Emily Prather places third in swine; in sheep RaeAnna King places first; and in the steers RaeAnna King places third followed by Rance Swartz in seventh.

Record books will be due by October 2nd, so I would encourage you all to be working on them.  Also, Dillard Bryce 1st year member award applications will be due in October and Kandi will be sending the applications to all first-year members.

Finally, I would encourage you all to look at the wonderful pictures that Laura Nelson took during the Fair.  I have heard from so many people what a neat service Laura provides to our community and our 4-H/FFA families.  There are not very many Montana Fairs that have the service of a professional photographer taking the pictures that Laura does during our Fair.

Again, “THANK YOU” to everyone for making the Sweet Grass County Fair so special.  In my opinion there is not a better week in the year.


The next Council Meeting will be held Wed, September 9th, at 7PM. This will be a Fair recap to bring any comments, questions or concerns to the Council. We will also be
setting some upcoming dates. Please have representation of your Club at this meeting.
Underweight animals and having a Rodeo during fair week will be on the agenda.


Grand Beef: Rance Swartz
Reserve Beef: RaeAnna King

Grand Lamb: RaeAnna King
Reserve Lamb: Mollie Ruth

Grand Pig: Emily Prather
Reserve Pig: Nathan Ruth

Grand Goat: Abby Laverell
Reserve Goat: Haley Anderson

The Extension Office would like to thank the members, parents and all volunteers. You complete tasks that we are unable to do and we greatly appreciate all of you pitching in as needed. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Sale Buyers  -  We have addresses at the Office if you need them.

Award Sponsors  -  Let me know if you need these addresses.

Citizens Bank Awards  -  PO Box 847

Citizens Bank Auction Help: PO Box 847:  Clint Rech, Dianne Gibby & Judy Young

Citizens Bank Sale Clerk  -  Debbie Hanson, PO Box 1014

Jimbo Logan  -  Auctioneer:  PO Box 168, Clyde Park, MT 59018

B&J Sawmill  -  Donation of wood chips: PO Box 56, Reed Point, MT 59069

David & Jennifer Breck  -  Donation of pig feed for after fair:  PO Box 1389


Please let these buyers, donors and volunteers know that we appreciate them!



Attention Shooting Sports—Rifle:     If you turned in Shooting Targets for the award judging, you may stop back in and pick them up.


Record books will be due by 5pm October 2nd.  Remember, if your record book is not turned in on time, you will NOT receive any awards at the Year End Bash, including any Carcass Awards. You also will NOT be eligible to re-enroll for the 2020-2021 4-H year starting October 1.  Re-enrollment Forms are included in this mailing—please fill them out and return them if you wish to re-enroll.


Dillard Bryce 1st Year Member Award Applications will also be due in October. I will be mailing applications to all 1st year members under age 11 that are eligible to apply.


9:  Happy Birthday Emma Paugh
15: Happy Birthday Cody Stene
27: Happy Birthday Logan Young
28: Happy Birthday Annie Kirchner
29: Happy Birthday Shaelynn Talkington and Daniel Seymour
30: Happy Birthday Jayda Grayless

4:  Happy Birthday Trevor Halverson
5:  Happy Birthday Lexi Swartz
6:  Happy Birthday Madelyn Bakke
9:  4-H Council Meeting
10:  Happy Birthday Brayden Young
11:  Happy Birthday Kaylie Enloe and Sam Moore
20:  Happy Birthday Camryn Niebur and Danni Thomasson
23:  Happy Birthday Raegan & Rowan Forrey
24:  Happy Birthday Eva Halverson
25:  Happy Birthday Josh Stene
27:  Happy Birthday Karly Stene & Ty Cowell
28:  Happy Birthday Ann Marie Donald
30:  Happy Birthday Hailey Stockwell



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