November Newsletter 

Dear Members, Leaders and Parents,

Where did Fall go?  How did we just skip Summer and Fall and go right to Winter?  Now let’s hope that winter doesn’t stay long, and we get some decent fall weather.  I hope that you all have had healthy, heavy calves and lambs to sell this year.  With October being over, it means that enrollment materials are due.  If you have any questions, please contact the office and we will help you figure out what you need to have turned in.  Remember, this is enrollment, not Fair entries that you are currently turning in.  The record books have been reviewed and will be available during the Year End Bash.  According to the State 4-H Office you must have a completed record book turned in to re-enroll or to be able to participate in any 4-H activities like judging or workshops. 


The Year End Bash will be held November 3rd at the Legion from 2 to 6 pm.  Kandi has been working hard to make this a great event, with lots of awards and recognition for all of the great successes of our 4-H members.   


The NILE Livestock Evaluation Contest was held on October 14th in Billings.  Cody Stene, Nathan Ruth, Jake Stene, Josh Stene, Coulter Rein and Dawson Laverell made up the senior FFA team.  The team finished ninth overall, second in cattle, 16th in hogs and first in reasons.  Overall, Cody was fourth in reasons and fifth in cattle, Dawson was twelfth in reasons and Nathan finished 15th in reasons.  On the junior FFA side the team finished tenth overall, ninth in cattle, 10th in hogs and sheep and 9th in reasons.  David Paul Hathaway finished fourth overall, fourth in cattle and sixth in reasons.  Morgan Anderson placed eighth in cattle and Rylee Swartz was ninth in cattle.


The junior team from Big Timber was made up of Mollie Ruth, Camryn Neibur, RaeAnna King and Haley Anderson.  The Big Timber team placed fourth in beef, sixth in sheep and goats, second in hogs, first in reasons and ended up fourth overall.  Individually, Camryn finished seventh in reasons and twenty eighth overall.  Mollie placed eighth in hogs and first in reasons.  Haley had a great day for her very first “BIG Contest” finishing eleventh in cattle and thirteenth overall.  RaeAnna placed fifth in cattle, third in reasons and seventh overall.


As always, if you have questions or concerns please contact the office.  I sure hope that we continue to get more fall weather and that you all are having a great fall.


Club leaders received a copy of the annual Year End Financial Summary Report. This report provides an open, public record of each club’s finances and fulfills state and federal audit requirements. These are due back to the Extension Office by Friday, November 15th.

With the IRS ruling governing 4-H funds it is imperative that we have this report so your club can retain a checking account. Failure to meet the deadline may result in the loss of your club charter and/or closing of your club financial accounts.

I also mailed clubs a copy of their last years By-Laws. I do need one for this 2019-2020 Year. If you make any attendance rules, they must be in your by-laws. These are also due Nov 15th. Please let me know if you have any questions.



2020 Greytak Calendars have arrived. They are $15.00 each and make a Great Gift Idea!!!!

plan your year with community service projects, fundraisers, field trips, informative guests and demonstrations, etc.   Elect new officers and have fun. Leaders: give guidance as needed and support!

President: Prepare agenda, presides over meetings.

Vice: Works on committees, assists president.

Secretary: Keep records and minutes of the meetings.

Treasurer:  Handle club money, keeps financial records.

Historian: Maintain the club history book to preserve info.

Reporter: Writes news stories about meetings and special events for the Newsletter and Newspaper.

The Office has officer material if you would like any please let us know or stop by and pick some up.


I have books for all club officers if you would like one.  Just stop in the office or let me know and I will get you what you need.  They are a helpful tool for every position.



The Junior Agriculture Loan is available to youth ages 9-11 with a maximum of $3,500 for up to five years. Youth ages 12-21 may borrow a maximum of $8,500 for up to five years.

The Rural Assistance Loan Program is available to individuals 18 years of age and above for a maximum of $50,000; terms vary by loan type. Application forms are available on the web:

Or call Walt Anseth @ 406-444-5420 or


Youth Loan Program - Farm Service Agency

FSA makes loans to individual young persons to start and operate income-producing projects of modest size in connection with their participation in 4-H clubs. The project being financed with an FSA Youth Loan needs to provide an opportunity for the young person to acquire experience and education in agriculture-related skills.

Youth between 10-20 years old may apply for loans up to $5,000. For more information visit



The Pioneers 4-H Club has been dormant for the past year. This year it will be reinstated as a Club with leaders Robin Thomas, Marvin Laubach and Jessica Talkington.  Thank you all!  Also, Jessica will take over as the Cloverbud leader. If you are a cloverbud she will be getting in touch with you when there is a get together.  Many thanks to ALL our leaders for all of your time and help!!




Attendance at Club Meetings is expected. In the last several years clubs around the State of Montana have struggled with club attendance and the State 4-H Office has advised clubs that they are able to enact and enforce meeting attendance requirements. We would strongly encourage each 4-H member to visit with their club leaders and to be aware of potential meeting attendance requirements that could impact your eligibility to attend fair and other 4-H events.
Example: 4-H is a commitment the same as playing a sport—you put your time and effort in throughout. You cannot sign up for basketball/football etc.  and then skip all the practices and hope to play in the games  -  the same as skipping meetings all year, knowing deadlines and opportunities and then hoping to participate in those events and in the Fair.

You will be given your enrollment packets at your club meeting by your leader. They will ask you to look through the packet and make sure all of your project books and record forms are there.

Please take the time at the meeting to look at your books and make sure you understand the completion requirements. If you have questions, visit with your club leader. You will also want to fill out the first section of your record forms, name, 4-H year, the title of the project, and your three project goals for the year. You can also write in “What I Did- What I Learned” that you received your project books and record forms and learned about project completion.  Work on your record books throughout the year as you work on your projects.



Shooting Sports Leader Training is scheduled for Friday & Saturday, January 3-4, 2020 in Helena.  I am attaching the corrected agenda and registration.  Please share with your Shooting Sports folks in your areas.    Friday will be from 5:30 pm—9pm.  Saturday will be 8am—5:15pm.  The Extension Office has more information and the registration form.



The 2019 Year End Bash will be held on Sunday, November 3 at the American Legion from
2-6 pm. This is a potluck, with meat being provided, please bring your dish and serving utensil if needed.  Plates, Drinks, Silverware will be furnished.

What to Bring:                                     
Last Names A-P:  Side Dish                 Last Names R-Z:  Dessert

There will be an Awards Presentation for carcass, record books and membership years!!!
FUN         FOOD                          PRIZES

Otter Creek 4-H Club met on October 21, 2019 at the Extension Office. Weston Sondeno
led the pledges. RaeAnna King took role call. New members were introduced to the club.
RaeAnna King read last meeting’s minutes. Mollie Ruth gave the Treasurers Report. Members are required to attend a minimum of 6 meetings per year to remain active. We currently have 6 members on probation. Officers for this coming year were voted in as follows…President – Abby Knoll. Vice President – RaeAnna King. Treasurer – Mollie Ruth. Secretary – Rylee Swartz. Historians – Kaylie Enloe and Emma Paugh. Reporter – Kira Krug. Demonstration sign-ups were passed around. Year End Bash is November 3rd from 2-6pm at the Legion. We need members to bring prizes for Bingo. One of our Community Service projects for this year is Gift Baskets for the elderly and folks diagnosed with Cancer. Dawson Laverell, Cody Stene and Nathan Ruth will provide basket items. We are making a total of 4 baskets. There is a new member workshop on November 6th at the Extension Office starting at 5:30pm. Our next meeting will be November 18th at 7:00pm at the Extension Office.

Kira Krug


This will be on Wednesday, November 6th at 5:30 pm at the Extension Office.  Everyone is welcome to attend. We will be covering Policies, Club Information, Newsletter, Yearly Schedule, Cloverbuds, Fair Entry, Fair, Enrollments, Council, Market Animals, Projects, Activities and Record Books.


I am 14 years old. I moved to Big Timber 8 years ago from California. I live with my parents and my 4 year old sister Peyton Jo. My favorite sport is Volleyball. I enjoy writing and playing flute in the High School Band. This year I am the Sophomore Class Representative. I am also a member of the Big Timber FFA. My favorite color is yellow and my favorite flower is a Sunflower.


This is my fourth year in 4-H. I am the Otter Creek Club Reporter for the second year in a row. I like to do many projects. Last year I did 8 projects and this year I did nine. I had multiple entries for the same category but some of them included Swine, Photography, Arts & Crafts, Woodworking, Gardening, Cake Decorating and Foods and Nutrition. I have also tried welding. It is hard for me to pick a favorite which is why I choose so many a year.


I can think of two moments that stick out as funny or embarrassing but both helped me towards overcoming my nervousness. Both broke the tension and made things easier. I get anxious speaking in front of crowds and during my demonstration on making a Christmas Ornament, I blanked on the word “hook” and called it a “hangy thingy”. We all laughed and it was super funny.  The other was at the 2019 fair. I was trying to get my pig all washed up and clean for pictures and weigh in.  I thought I was all set but when I came up to the scales, Marc King pointed out that I forgot to wash the ear tag and the number was not even legible. Again lots of laughter and now Marc calls me “Ear Tag”. I will never forget to wash my ear tag again!


Fair Week is my favorite part of 4-H. I love coming together with all the members from all our clubs to celebrate the year and our accomplishments, showing off our individual projects and getting to see all the other projects. All the activities are lots of fun. It is basically a week long camping trip with all your friends and family to enjoy our shared hobbies and interests.


I plan to continue being involved in 4-H for as long as I can. I will show my sister what it’s all about when she is old enough and hopefully be a mentor to her. I also plan to keep trying new projects to see what other skills I can learn and possibly find more things that I enjoy. I haven’t quite decided which ones yet but I have a few I am considering.


4-H has done many things for me. It has brought me out of my shell and allowed me to not be so shy. It has taught me responsibility. I’ve learned many new skills from taking care of livestock to how to take a good photograph and everything in between. It has taught me how to keep track of finances. It has opened my eyes to new experiences and let me try things I never dreamed of doing. 4-H is more than just a family. It’s a way of life!!



4:  Happy Birthday Cooper Bailey

6:  Happy Birthday Kira Krug
6:  Livestock Judging

10: Happy Birthday Kayleena Ginnaty and Ryal Carroccia

13:  NO Livestock Judging

14:  Happy Birthday Dustyn LaRue

15:  Club Financial Report and By-Laws Due to Office

16:  Happy Birthday Ronan Seemann

17:  Happy Birthday Ryder Thompson

18:  Happy Birthday Colton Carter

20:  Happy Birthday Paige Wertheimer

20:  Livestock Judging

21:  Happy Birthday JoLynn Stene

23:  Happy Birthday Lauren Niebur

24:  Happy Birthday Hunter Young

27:  NO Livestock Judging

28:  Happy Birthday Izzy Kleinsasser

29:  Happy Birthday Rory Lannen

30:  Happy Birthday Liliana Carroccia

"Try to be a Rainbow in someone's Cloub".

"A lot of groups go out there and talk about it - we go out there and actually DO IT."



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